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Educational Speaking Engagements

Please contact us, if you or your organization is interested in having us speak at your event or to your group. We currently offer the following presentations and development workshops:

Workshop: How to Turn Web Content into mLearning

With the explosion of Smartphones, learners are coming to expect content to be accessible using their personal mobile devices. Using current tools and technologies, much of your existing content can be transformed for mobile learning. In addition to available apps, you can use your own content with your Web pages being an ideal starting point. Using a multiple stylesheet design, you can automatically convert a Web page into a mobile site through smart use of CSS. Using basic HTML5 and the correct video encoding, you can easily include your entire library of training videos in your mobile strategy. Participants in this workshop will learn design principles, techniques, and tools that will help you turn your Web content into mLearning. You will put your new skills into practice by converting a sample Webpage into a mobile Web app using nifty HTML and style sheet changes.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Design principles to make the most of a small screen
  • How to effectively use CSS to enable mobile access
  • Tips and code snippets to make your Websites more mobile friendly
  • Techniques on using multiple stylesheets for a single Web page to handle different screen sizes
  • How to hide Flash-based content based on the device accessing the Webpage
  • How to encode videos for mobile viewing

Presentation Length: 8 hr

Audience and Learning Level: Novice designers, developers, managers, and others who have basic HTML editing skills.

Delivery Method: Hands on workshop

Technology addressed in this session: HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, epub, as well as other available solutions to easily transform existing content into mobile-accessible formats.


Embracing Event Apps - Learn the Essentials for making your expo app a success

Mobile event apps are becoming more and more popular for conferences and meetings. Not just because they are cool and save you a lot of time, but because they are extremely convenient for attendees, allow the ability to integrate social media, and enable you to offer more sustainable events by going paperless.
With so many apps and vendors to choose from, how do you know which app will work for your event, what questions to ask, and what to expect for the price?
In this session, you will learn:

  • feature and functionality requirements for event apps
  • the differences, benefits and shortfalls of native, web, widget, and hybrid apps
  • important questions to ask the developer
  • estimated development time frames
  • marketing and revenue generation strategies
  • pricing, quality assurance, agreements, and expectations

3 Learning Outcomes

  • feature and functionality requirements to ensure a successful deployment
  • marketing and revenue generation strategies to maximize ROI
  • important questions to ask the developer to ensure satisfied attendees

Presentation Length: 1.5 hr

Learning Level: Novice

Delivery Method: Interactive presentation with live app demos, audience involvement via live audience polls, questions, discussions, live testing of apps, sharing of their experiences, Q&A, etc.

Target audience: Event and Expo Planners