FCC releases advisory: Wi-Fi blocking is prohibited!

Yesterday, the FCC released an enforcement advisory that Wi-Fi blocking, with which Marriott made news last year, is prohibited and everyone interfering with personal networks or hotspots will be investigated. Read the notice This is great news for event professionals and meeting planners since too many venues are still charging extremely high fees for dismal bandwidth [...]
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Thousands of Abstracts in Medical Meeting App

From “Headache” with generic event app to success with specialized medical meeting app

The World Transplant Congress (WTC) is a joint meeting of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS), The Transplantation Society (TTS) and the American Society of Transplantation (AST).

At the meeting, 7,000 surgeons and healthcare professionals gather to present over 3,000 research papers […]

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Busted: Hotels not allowed to block Wi-Fi networks from mobile-device hotspots

FCC fines Marriott for blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Marriott made big news for our industry this month: Hotels are not allowed to block personal hotspots and Marriott got fined $600,000 for doing so. The hotel charged exorbitant fees of $250-$1,000 per device to use the Gaylord Wi-Fi service in the […]

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EventPilot® Conference App Enables Augmented Reality for Meetings and Events

Meeting planners can use the scientific and medical conference app EventPilot to drive attendee engagement with leading Layar Augmented Reality

Santa Rosa, Calif. – October 16, 2014 ATIV Software’s EventPilot conference app offers the latest in event technology with the integrated world leading Layar Augmented Reality (AR) SDK. Meeting planners can create a seamless Augmented Reality […]

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ATIV Software’s EventPilot® conference app receives honorable mention in EIBTM Technology Awards

With innovative iBeacon™ location-based features, EventPilot medical meeting app in top four meetings & events industry technology awards

Santa Rosa, Calif. – October 14, 2014 – The EventPilot medical conference app received an honorable mention today as number three in the top four event technologies in the 2014 EIBTM Technology Watch Award for the meetings […]

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How iBeacons work for location-based notifications in event app

Watch proximity to a beacon trigger alerts in EventPilot
Apple’s iBeacon™ technology is built into our EventPilot conference app and is available as an add-on module in all of our editions. The Location Alerts module allows meeting professionals to set up notification messages that are not just timed, but are triggered if the attendee is in […]

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ATIV’s EventPilot Conference App Chosen as Meffys Awards Finalist

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), the global community for mobile content and commerce, selected the sustainable EventPilot paperless meeting app as finalist in 2014 Meffys awards

Santa Rosa, Calif. – September 23, 2014 – ATIV Software’s EventPilot conference app today was named finalist for the 2014 Mobile Entertainment Forum Meffys Awards in the category Mobile Services. […]

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EIBTM Technology Award – Supporting Links

The only conference app specifically designed for medical and scientific meetings The data integration with abstract vendors as well as AV vendors make it easy to pull over 10,000 research abstracts and thousands of PowerPoint presentations into the mobile conference app. Special features critical for these large and complex events provide a unique user experience for [...]
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iBeacon and GPS push notifications in EventPilot Conference Apps

Exciting new ways to communicate with your attendees using iBeacon™ and Beacons or GPS

Our dev team has been working hard to bring the latest in event technology to your conferences. We have implemented push notification support for indoor and outdoor locations, so that you can send location relevant messages to your attendees directly from within […]

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12 Tips to Increase Mobile Event App Adoption

To successfully implement a conference not only requires a great app people would want to download, but also that attendees actually know about it. Since they are usually busy professionals just like you and I, they probably don’t have their mind freed up for your conference until they are on their way to your venue.

We […]

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How to Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

The Apple Developer Program allows you to publish apps and install a proof version on your own devices before submission. All you need is a login (Apple ID) and completing an enrollment. Once the enrollment is complete, Apple will process the forms and send you an activation notice when they approve your application. Apple makes […]

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7 Tips for Creating Offline Content for Your Native Conference App

With EventPilot, you have a lot of flexibility to add event related content from housing information to event hours to bus schedules or emergency contacts. Adding this content as HTML directly within your native event app offers great benefits:

offline viewing
searchable – included in Global Search
accessible either via banner on NOW screen or navigation tab
mobile optimized […]

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Tutorial Series for Creating the Best Conference App with EventPilot – Data Fields

New Video Tutorial: What content goes where in the app The EventPilot conference app is a highly advanced mobile event app with many fields you can populate and customize. In this tutorial, we cover the different core detail views and which data field appears where in the view. Data items can either be added and edited directly [...]
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Tutorial Series for Creating the Best Conference App with EventPilot – Offline Search

New Video Tutorial: Tips on Using the Search

The EventPilot conference app offers a very powerful search and this tutorial is designed to make the most out of this search functionality. Because the app is specifically designed for large medical and scientific meetings with thousands of sessions and research abstracts, it’s critical that the search works […]

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Tutorial Series for Creating the Best Conference App with EventPilot

New Video Tutorial: EventPilot Imagery Explained

We are starting a series of video tutorials to help you make the most of your EventPilot implementation and create the best conference app for your attendees. This first tutorial focuses on imagery and branded graphics. Keep checking back on our blog to see more of these.

We are covering:

Static images […]

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Cool EventPilot Overview Video

We have just released a new video to showcase EventPilot’s benefits and features for conference and meeting planners.

Enjoy, share, and let us know what you think:

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Vote for EventPilot to win EyeforTravel’s Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards 2013

EventPilot is in the next round for the EyeforTravel’s Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards 2013 and needs your vote to win. The online voting will close on Tuesday March 5th at 5pm PST. The votes will then count towards 50% of the decision to narrow down the 2 most successful entrants in each category.

Vote Now […]

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Predictions for 2013: Event Wi-Fi problems will get worse before getting better.

Corbin Ball’s 6th prediction for 2013 confirms a trend we have seen as well: Event Wi-Fi problems will get worse before getting better. With attendees bringing multiple devices and sharing/consuming information throughout the conference, existing bandwidth often crawls to a halt, which causes a lot of attendee frustration.

While Wi-Fi is required for social media use […]

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EventPilot fully supports iPhone 5

Today, the updated version of EventPilot Express has been approved by Apple to fully support the new iPhone 5 screen size and ensure the best user experience. New branded imagery options include the app launch screen and the horizontal event banner for iPhone 5 dimensions. All EventPilot conference apps now being submitted automatically include support […]

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Do you have a zero-waste initiative for your events?

I recently came across the documentary “Unwasted – The Future of Business on Earth”. It includes powerful success stories from many types of businesses on reducing waste and how, in a few years, they increased their recycling programs. As an event planner, you have a lot of control over the total amount of garbage produced […]

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