Show Attendees Where They Are

With EventPilot, you can help your attendees orientate themselves within large exhibitions or vast poster halls. When indoor positioning is set up, the pulsing blue dot reveals the user’s location directly on your specific floor plan.

Pinpoints User Location

Geo-Mapped to Your Floor Plans

Works without Wi-Fi

Simplify Poster Hall Orientation

Indoor positioning for poster hall in medical meeting app

Custom Indoor Positioning Setup for Large Medical Meetings & Scientific Events

The EventPilot meeting app is designed for scientific and healthcare associations that plan large annual meetings. Your custom poster hall can be geo-mapped so attendees easily know where they are.

  • Indoor positioning for poster halls
  • Geo-mapped to your specific venue
  • iBeacon placement service

Increase Engagement

Combine Indoor Positioning
with Context Aware Push Notifications

Indoor positioning is set up with iBeacon devices that transmit a low energy Bluetooth signal. The mobile conference app contains your geo-mapped floor plans and scans for the placed iBeacon devices. Strategically use some of your Indoor Positioning beacons to push location aware notifications into your meeting app. Use iBeacons to generate revenue when attendees are in proximity of your key sponsor’s booth. Or alert attendees when they are nearby one of the top breakthrough research posters.

Learn more about location awareness

Location awareness with iBeacons in meeting app

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