EventPilot - the Ideal Mobile Conference Guide for Corporate Events

The EventPilot conference app for iPad, iPhone, or Android is the ideal mobile solution to enhance corporate events such as internal sales and marketing meetings, training events, or executive leadership workshops.

event app for corporate internal sales and marketing meetings

Secure Internal Distribution to Employees Only

Limit event app access by distributing the Android and iOS conference apps directly via the corporate intranet. Connecting to a computer is not required, and employees can simply download the mobile event app by navigating to your conference page on the corporate intranet. (* Enrollment in Apple iOS Enterprise Development Program required)

Mandatory Conference Schedule Download

A predetermined meeting schedule can be created and downloaded to devices so attendees receive a complete mandatory program of events based on their username or badge ID number.

PPT Presentation Slides with Note Taking

Turn the conference app into a valuable performance support tool and provide offline access to session or training courses PowerPoint presentation slides with the option to take notes directly on the event app for later reference.

Internal Data Refresh

Update your sales and marketing meeting app via smart data downloads. For increased security, data files can be stored on your own server.

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