Optimize PDFs for Mobile Use

Optimize PDFs for Mobile Use

Including links to PDFs in your mobile conference app is a great way to give access to additional information. EventPilot offers you unlimited flexibility for linking to PDFs from within the app. For example, you could include product fact sheets for your exhibitors, brochures for sponsors, or non-PowerPoint session materials in the session description. However, the user experience is still limited by the device and Wi-Fi capacity at the venue and your choice of PDF could either enhance the app or create attendee frustration.

To ensure the best attendee experience at your event, here are few tricks to create a better mobile experience:

Optimize your PDF files and keep file size small (less than 5MB)

Wi-Fi at convention centers and hotels is often limited and trying to download large PDF files will only frustrate your attendees. Keep the file size as small as possible, remove media items, resize images before including them in the PDF (scaling inside the PDF does not change the actual image file size), and most importantly, keep the document short. PDFs are not designed for small screens and if designed poorly, require horizontal scrolling, which makes reading the PDF tedious on small screens.

Or use an online tool like PDFCompress to reduce PDF file size.

Save as Mobile Optimized

Use the PDF Optimizer, built into Acrobat Pro, to optimize the PDF for mobile. Compress images and downsample all images to 72ppi, don’t embed fonts that are not needed, etc.
Learn more about PDF Optimizer Options (Acrobat version X) or watch Adobe’s tips & tricks video “How to prepare a PDF file for mobile use.”

Or watch the Acrobat XI tutorial:

If you are using Adobe Acrobat 9, the following steps may work for you:

  1. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. File > Save As
  3. In the save window, look for Format and select Adobe PDF Files, Optimized
  4. Select the Settings button – you can further optimize from there or click OK to save your optimized file

Remove Multimedia

Multimedia in PDFs is great on normal computers, however, mobile PDFs on different devices don’t necessarily display multimedia objects. Removing the multimedia or, if it’s linked, simply adding a “poster” image will help (a poster is simply an image that will be displayed instead of the multimedia object).