Paperless events made possible with EventPilot conference apps: Include PowerPoint Presentations

Paperless events made possible with EventPilot conference apps: Include PowerPoint Presentations

Reducing paper at events has never been easier with the integrated offline PowerPoint viewer with slide-based note taking and unique slide sharing on Twitter

One of the biggest advantages of EventPilot is the ability to integrate session materials such as PowerPoint slides offline. Here is some more info to answer any questions you may have around this functionality:

I am reluctant to switch from paper to event apps ... Can I create a better handout experience than printing?

Attendees greatly benefit from integrated PowerPoint presentations directly into the conference app:

  • presentations are available in context with the session detail description - no digging through a binder required
  • presentations are fully downloaded for offline viewing during the sessions - lighten the load for your attendees
  • attendees can easily take notes and bookmark slides and after the event, easily return to marked items or send an event report with all notes INCLUDING  the slides to themselves or others
  • users can quickly search for a particular presentation title for fast access
  • key slides can be shared with others via Twitter to extend the conversation - can't do that with paper!
Estimate the cost and environmental savings by going paperless using our paperless events calculator.

My presenters won't be able to provide the presentations weeks before the event. How last minute can I add them?

Add presentations easily and any time via our intuitive EventPilot backend. No need to rush. However, the earlier presentations are included, the more likely your attendees will have downloaded them before the event, which in turn relieves your Wi-Fi load at the venue. Faster Wi-Fi means happier attendees.

Only registered attendees should have access to the presentations - we don't want to make them public!

No problem - you can password protect the presentations either with a single username or password for all attendees or link the authentication back to your registration database. And no worries, we will not ask you to supply attendee's usernames or passwords. All that information remains safe and secure on your server.

How could I experience the PowerPoint slide features in EventPilot?

Try out the slide viewer with note taking in these meeting apps (use the links or simply search for these names in the App Store or Android Market):

Can I add other session or speaker related materials than PowerPoint slides?

Yes, you can link from the session detail view, the speaker bio, or event exhibitor detail information to:

  • Integrated medical abstracts or scientific posters
  • Session materials in PDF format (Keep the file size small for a better mobile experience)
  • Web links such as session evaluation surveys or live audience response / polls
  • YouTube videos
  • Speaker's books on Amazon

I have speakers that use Keynote to create their presentations?

Keynote has the option to save a presentation in PPT format.

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