Scientific Meeting Online Planner – New Look and New Features

Scientific Meeting Online Planner – New Look and New Features

This year, we have already introduced a lot of new features to make navigating your events easy: Peer Finder, indoor navigation, abstract embargo, targeted notifications, and more. We still have more to come.
Our developers have taken your suggestions, mixed them with some of our own ideas, and implemented major changes in our Online Planner. A visual overhaul and powerful new features make it even more efficient:

Offer a Beautiful Experience

Your scientific meeting program is presented in a clean and modern UI.

Medical Meeting App Online Planner

Maximize Screen Area

The revamped agenda view displays as much session content as possible. The filter section is redesigned into a drawer. With fewer panes, there is more space for your sessions.

Scientific Meeting Online Planner Program

Combine Filter Keywords Smartly

The updated smart filter displays session counts. The counts across filters automatically adjust in relation to other filter selections.

Smart Filter in Scientific Meeting Online Planner

Limit Results by Date and Time

A user can only attend Tuesday afternoon? No problem: A date and time filter makes scheduling, based on availability, easier than ever.

Day Filter in Scientific Meeting Online Planner

Export Notes and Stars

In addition to the personal schedule export, users can export their notes and stars. The downloadable PDF includes all notes and starred items with interactive links to the web version.

Scientific Meeting Notes PDF Export

Differentiate between upcoming and past sessions

If a session has already ended, it displays muted in session lists. This way, you instantly know what’s coming up versus what’s already over.

Efficient event planner for medical and scientific meetings

The Scientific Meeting Online Planner helps your attendees plan and navigate your large events. We guarantee a seamless transition for your attendees from the desktop version to using the mobile app. The same visual elements combined with built-in two-way synchronization between the platforms result in a 5-star user experience.

Do you have additional ideas or suggestions for our development team? Email your project manager today.