Real-Time Meeting Analytics

Make Educated Decisions Onsite with Real-Time Meeting Analytics

Address issues now - don't wait until the next event

EventPilot provides live meeting data to improve your event experience already during the conference. The comprehensive meeting analytics remove uncertainty so you can make educated data-driven decisions.

Long before a post event report, you can learn about your attendee behavior, their satisfaction with specific presentations, or which rooms likely require an overflow area. All while your event is going on!

Manage Staffing Needs

event app session traffic day chart

In May 2017, a large meeting over 17,000 attendees implemented the EventPilot Expo Traffic Insights module to learn about traffic patterns in the massive expo hall and poster area. Analyzing the first morning's data revealed higher traffic than anticipated in the poster hall. By noon the same day, in time for the next busy period, the organizer arranged additional staffing to manage the higher traffic.

Thanks to EventPilot, the situation was successfully managed before it would have become a real problem during the break.

"The traffic data is invaluable - especially the peak times. I can share this with our exhibitors to ensure they are fully staffed during those hours."
DDW 2017

Adjust Expo Traffic Patterns

The anonymous traffic data quickly uncovers from day one, which areas of the floor are hotspots and which ones are not being visited. This provides sufficient time to adjust coffee and food cart positioning or gamification points placement on the consecutive days to attract attendees into those low traffic areas.

EventPilot not only provides heat maps, but also gives attendee a great benefit: indoor navigation.

Prep Room Monitors and A/V for Overflow

The EventPilot CMS has already uncovered surprising data points for organizers. Several clients called the Overflow Indicator a "Life Saver."? One organizer assigned room monitors based on the EventPilot data insights. Staff was prepared for all anticipated overflow situations. In other situations, A/V for session recordings could be scheduled still in time for sudden higher interest than anticipated during room assignment.

"The overflow report was a life saver. A huge help and the meeting staff was thrilled! They were able to get rooms set up based on the data."
AACR 2017

Improve Search Results on the Fly

More than any other events, scientific and medical meetings deal with official technical terms, colloquial terms, regional specific terms and spellings, or scientific abbreviations. With EventPilot, you can find out what attendees are looking for and if their search was unsuccessful - you can learn about your attendees and then train the scientific search engine on the fly to improve search results.

Reveal Issues with Presenters or Rooms

event app session satisfaction rating kirkpatrick level 1

EventPilot has implemented a Kirkpatrick Level 1 satisfaction rating that provides instant results during your event. Negative ratings in the beginning of a 4 hour workshop may give you enough time to send someone by the room to check what's going. Or meet with speakers, who received low ratings, in person to find out what happened.

Improve Real-Time Communication

Social Activity feed with photo sharing in event app

EventPilot offers meeting professionals and event planners a variety of communication channels with attendees.

  • Collect additional live event feedback via location-based alerts and targeted push notifications
  • Inspect the live activity feed for in-session comments, tweets, and photos
  • Give attendees instant answers and connect them with your support team via in-app messaging

Innovative Technology. Always on the Cutting Edge.

Event app with indoor positioning

Indoor Positioning

The conference app pinpoints the attendee's location on custom geo-mapped floor plans of the vast poster or expo halls.

conference app mobile calendar

Visual Schedule

Only EventPilot offers the interactive timetable view. Fast and easy to use with smart multi-column alignment.

Conference app program with timetable

Automatic Timetable

Visual timetable is automatically created for you so attendees can maximize their time at your meeting.

smart event calendar builder blocks

Smart Schedule Blocks

Users can schedule hundreds of sessions and still keep track of everything in one calendar view.

iBeacon location notifications

Location Notifications

Send only relevant alert messages based on indoor location using iBeacon or outdoor using GPS.

Google Plus and Facebook Authentication

Security and OAuth

Allow attendees to login with their existing username and password with your organization or via Facebook / Google.

research and medical abstract app

Offline Abstracts

Search and browse thousands of research abstracts and scientific eposters offline conveniently within the conference app.

PowerPoint slide viewer with note taking

Slides with Notes

Increase retention by giving offline access to PowerPoint slides with slide-based note taking while protecting speaker's IP.

CME and credit tracking in conference app

CME & Credit Tracking

Help attendees stay organized with built-in credit tracking that even works offline. API available for credit vendor integration.

Meeting itinerary planner

Itinerary Planner

Integrate a full screen online planner into your existing conference website. Includes export to PDF and calendar applications.

Event game for engagement


Increase engagement and drive expo traffic with a customized QR-code based game. With leaderboard and analytics.

Messaging and networking in event app


Built-in messaging with offline reading and writing make networking easy at large events. Users can hide themselves.