60th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition Official Contractor

60th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition Official Contractor

If you are an exhibitor at the 60th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, we have great news for you!

In order to help you plan for your staff and invited physicians, ASH has partnered with us, the official ASH Annual Meeting event app vendor, to build you a custom internal meeting app for your delegation. As an exhibitor at the ASH Annual Meeting, you may be eligible to be approved by ASH for a mobile app content license for this year’s meeting. We help you customize your version of the app, as permissible by ASH, so you can add pre-populated schedules for your staff, your own events you have during conference, or push notifications for your attendees, etc.

Building a custom ASH event app will be quick and easy for you since we are authorized to pull in the session content, speakers, dates, times, and locations into your app directly from the source, just like the official ASH Annual Meeting app.

Why would you want an approved app?

  • Legal: You receive a Content License for authorized event program distribution within a customized version of the ASH app (containing the event program and abstracts) inside EventPilot.
  • Updated: Regular data imports keep session details up to date. This will save your staff time, and keep all of the data accurate for your participants using the app.
  • Enhanced: Your own organizational events can be integrated into conference schedule (including additional custom venue maps for your events).
  • Locked: SSO authentication so only your staff and invited guests can access the app. No other attendees will have access to this app.
  • Personalized: Pre-populated schedules for each staff member or invited guest.
  • Customized: Pre-scheduled push notifications and additional custom links (e.g. internal overview content, exhibit details / emergency contacts).
  • Internal: Distribution via your Apple Enterprise Developer program.

The most important benefit:

Be approved by ASH so you don’t have to worry about a copyright infringement claim that could not only result in statutory damages, but negative publicity!

Contact us at info@ativsoftware.com to learn more.