Conference App FAQ

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Yes, all iOS devices are fully supported in the EventPilot conference app, including EventPilot Express. All apps are designed as universal apps to work on phones and tablets.

While rush jobs are possible, and we could get your conference app ready within 48 hours, we recommend starting a project at least 6-8 weeks before you are planning to launch the event app, typically 4 weeks or more before the meeting. This allows you to use the meeting app as a marketing communication tool at least 4 weeks before the event. You will also have sufficient time to create beautiful imagery, collect speaker images and sponsor ads, and prepare all the content or set up connection to your database. You will have a chance to try the event app before App Store submission about 6 weeks before your event.

Please ensure to enroll into the Apple Developer or Enterprise program as soon as possible since Apple verification can take up to 3 weeks.

If there is less time or only a few days left before your event starts, you can easily start publishing your program into the EventPilot Express app — today!

Not if you publish your event program via EventPilot Express.

If you like your own branded event app, you will need to sign up for a developer account. For public distribution, please enroll your organization at

The company name entered in the enrollment form must match the organization name listed in your Articles of Incorporation.

After you receive your enrollment number, fax your Articles of Incorporation to +1 (408) 974-1053 and include the enrollment ID, the company name, and the corporate phone number.

For internal employee distribution, please enroll in the Enterprise Program (DUNS number required)

Plan for delays: Joining an Apple developer program requires identity verification by Apple and can take up to 3 weeks.

Learn more about the Apple Developer program, enrollment procedure, verification at

Enrollment details at Identity verification details at

The apps do not use iAds but instead a special revenue generation system that is designed to work on all EventPilot platforms. Learn more on our conference app revenue page.

Follow the instructions on and email your UDID to your account representative.

Public distribution:

iOS/Android users simply open the App Store/Google Play app on their device and search for the event name to install the conference app directly. For all other device users, we'll provide you with a short link that attendees can enter and bookmark in their mobile browser to access the Web Version.

Internal Company distribution:

Simply create a new web page on your intranet that includes the app downloads. We'll provide you with detailed instructions on how to set it up.

We will provide you with a login to the EventPilot backend that gives you control to publish data updates any time.

This YouTube video demonstrates how to easily delete apps from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

Yes. You can either host the presentations on your server and request your attendees to enter the username and password they already use on your website.

Alternatively, the presentations can be hosted on our server with one single login and password for your event.

Yes, EventPilot conference apps can be integrated with existing registration/online scheduling systems. We offer documentation on how you can prepare your backend to enable schedule synchronization with the EventPilot meeting app. Your DBA, webmaster, or third party that provides the scheduling system can set up the required files.

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Speakers can enter [hidden] or [confidential] in their slides notes, which is supported for presentations initially created in PPT versions 2007 and newer. "Hidden" removes the slide from being displayed, and "confidential" covers the slide.