Printing paper programs is not only a matter of waste after the event, but it also generates tremendous amounts of CO2 and wasted water. From paper production, to printing, shipping, distribution, and disposal, the impact your event causes is completely in your control. Estimate your current impact using our environmental calculator and see how much the EventPilot conference app can help you. Calculate Footprint
Reducing or eliminating printed programs has the side benefit of saving you time and costs. No more layout costs, paying expedited shipping, or worrying about changes. The mobile conference app imports all content from your data vendors and is updated on the fly. Your app investment is only a fraction of print costs while giving you peace of mind and providing attractive sponsor options with trackable ROI. Estimate Savings
While our mobile conference apps help you achieve a more sustainable event and increase awareness, they also create a better experience for your attendees. The ability to instantly find an author or presentation within thousands of research papers, easily tracking credit sessions, or being able to connect with peers while keeping personal contact info private helps attendees make the most out of your event. Read Testimonials
In 2015, HRS dropped printed proceedings and reduced their CO2 footprint by 100,000lbs while saving over $200,000
Paperless events

Successful Paperless Events

EventPilot's conference app technology turns your entire event program into an interactive and updateable brochure that is conveniently loaded on the smartphone. Eliminating your printed programs brings you one step closer to implementing environmentally sustainable event standards and obtaining sustainable event certification such as APEX/ASTM and ISO 20121.

Follow these three steps to successfully eliminate paper waste from your events and create a more sustainable meeting:

1. Provide an alternative as reliable as paper

All core features of the EventPilot conference app, from browsing thousands of sessions or taking notes, are designed to work offline, so your attendees can access the entire program at any time, even in airplane mode.

2. Offer more value than paper could

Peer networking, interactive content, instant searches, itinerary personalization, and an always up to date program make our event apps a much richer experience than could ever be possible paper.

3. Make the greener solution easier to obtain

Show your members the benefits and advantages of the app and instead of handing out printed programs, point attendees to the free app download. Follow the 10 Strategies to a Paperless Event.

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