Communicate and Network

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Establish Top-Notch Interaction

Easily communicate messages to your attendees to keep them informed. Furthermore, allow your participants to offer feedback and engage with each other through multiple network features embedded into the EventPilot® meeting platform.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the online format.”
Kez Armstrong
Virtual Attendee via Twitter
North American Ornithological Conference 2020

Facilitate Attendee Engagement

Use the EventPilot suite of discussion tools to improve your attendee abilities to communicate during your scientific event.

Example of a Session Discussion

Nurture Discussions

Offer the ability to make session comments in-context to the actual session where the latest scientific research is presented.

Example of a Community Chat

Build Community

Eliminate the need for a separate channel such as Slack and engage everyone within the same central EventPilot meeting platform.

Attendee List for Private Messaging

Connect Attendees

Private messaging allows participants logged-in to the EventPilot conference app to connect with other event app attendees.

Gather Participant Feedback

The EventPilot meeting platform provides a vast set of reports and feedback tools to analyze the success of your conference whether your attendees access your event through a laptop or mobile app.

Measure Interest

Use your preferred survey service to apply specific surveys to different workshop types or adapt to presentations, including those with more than one speaker.

Design Smart Surveys

Readily build context-aware surveys directly in the EventPilot Content Management System (CMS) for use in your scientific meeting app.

Adapt to Presenters

Because the session surveys are context-aware, your speaker questions adjust to each presenter for a particular session at your medical meeting.

Foster Participation

Not everyone speaks up in front of thousands of attendees to ask a question. The EventPilot Moderated Q&A Module empowers all your attendees to contribute.

communicate using moderated Q&A example

“As a moderator, it's fascinating to see how the ability to submit ?s by the smartphone app has changed the dynamic of discussion.”

Andrew Wright
Medical Meeting Q&A Moderator

Encourage Networking

Networking is one of the main reasons for attending a professional meeting, therefore enable your attendees to connect.

Provide a PeerFinder Network

Create a productive networking experience to connect experts, authors, or professionals. Ensure attendees find the precise contacts to maximize their efforts.

Share Digital Business Cards

Leverage the conference app to exchange contact information. Digital business cards are built into the EventPilot scientific and medical meeting app.

Reach Out to Presenters

Implement PosterBridge® Connection to allow attendees to reach out to poster presenters and communicate when presenters are unable to be near their posters.

Alert Attendees via the Conference App

Target Alerts

Display notifications and banners specific to attendee groups. Consider generating revenue through targeted ads with your exhibitors.

Provide Proximity Notifications

Use GPS alerts to send customized location-relevant details via your event app at the right time when your attendee is at the right location.

Individualize the Experience

Granular level personalization allows controlled access links for individual users. Anything from alerting an attendee to pay a fee or access a virtual session.

Leverage Social Media

Continue the physical interactions and augment them by allowing participants to communicate through social media during your medical or scientific meeting.

Integrate Social Media

Integrate any of your conference social media sites or Instagram photo albums directly into the activity feed on your home screen.

Generate Excitement

The EventPilot meeting platform has a full Twitter client with pre-set event hashtags so your attendees can tweet and share easily.

Moderate Content

Review postings in your event activity feed and safeguard your brand as well as react in real-time to unfolding discussions.

communicate example

“Overall very good app for a large medical convention.”

William Rudy