Location-Based Alerts with iBeacons™ and GPS

Location-Based Alerts with iBeacons™ and GPS 2021-06-29T19:52:57+00:00
Location based alerts and proximity awareness in conference apps

Location-Relevant Notifications with iBeacon and GPS Technology

Before, during, and after your event, you can send alert messages to your attendees that can appear on the device screen even if the app is running in the background. Inform attendees about important information, critical program changes, or to display sponsor messages. Pre-schedule the notifications to be active during a specific period of time and combine the trigger with a specific location at your venue.

Event App iBeacon notification

Indoor Proximity Awareness

iBeacon technology is built directly into the EventPilot meeting app. Simply place beacons in strategic locations to trigger a push notification on iOS devices. When an attendee is in close proximity to the beacon, the app recognizes the location and displays the notification. iBeacons are ideal for triggering notifications indoors where WiFi access may not be available and GPS is too inaccurate.

Event App GPS notification

Outdoor Location Awareness

Display relevant messages based on a map location such as the venue address, the meeting city, or the airport. When attendees arrive in the address perimeter, your message is triggered. Just like beacons, you can link to a website or a page within the app. GPS-based alerts are ideal for large area range notifications where indoor accuracy is not critical.

Increase Engagement and Revenue

Sell location-relevant messages to your vendors to increase sponsorship revenue and better target attendees, or, integrate location-based notification with gamification to increase engagement. Contact us to learn more.

Example Proximity / Location Notifications

Registration Desk

Use a beacon to trigger messages about special events, last minute workshop registration, support contact, etc.

Sponsor Message

Display a paid message in proximity of the sponsor's booth (iBeacon) or when users arrive at the conference center (GPS)

Special Venues

Remind users who are not at the venue that they still have time to join your exciting evening event

Important Info

Place a beacon at the exit to the buses that displays a message to open the bus schedule in the app

Expo Entrance

Show a message to link to expo hours or display the sponsor list with a beacon at the expo entrance


Ask attendees to complete the conference survey when they get to the airport (GPS)

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"The EventPilot conference app is a leading example of how iBeacon technology can be used to enhance attendee engagement at events and meetings"

David Helms, Chief Product Officer at Radius Networks Inc.

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