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PeerFinder Networking Tool for Professional Attendee Networking

Professional Private Networking at Your Events

PeerFinder networking tool creates a rich networking experience to connect with experts, authors, or local professionals. Pre-populated content helps attendees find just the right contacts and maximize their networking efforts.

Find attendees based on expertise

See who is there

Upon installing the app, immediately see who else has registered and search within the attendee list.

Filter event attendee list for networking

Find new connections

Filter or search to find new professional connections based on area of expertise, research speciality, location, etc.

Private in-app messaging

Send a message

Use the one-on-one private messaging to get in touch, ask questions, or schedule to meet face-to-face.

Make your meetings more valuable. Boost interpersonal connections.

Networking is one of the main reasons for attending a professional meeting.
PeerFinder tool in your event app makes it easy to find the right connections.

Event App networking control access

Control List Access

Permit only logged in users to view the attendee list and initiate conversations via the event app. Exhibitors and vendors may still use the meeting app to view the event program but will not be able to view the list of attendees.

User Profile networking

Prep Common Ground

Facilitate interpersonal connections by including basic background information. Attendees can easily find peers based on area of expertise, fields of research, or connect with other professionals from their own countries.

Communicate with speakers

Engage with Speakers

The PeerFinder network enables direct communication with speakers and authors. This is critical for scientific meetings where short poster presentations require an easier way to contact presenters for follow up questions on the research topic.

career fair mobile app

Boost Career Fairs

Ask job seekers to submit their LinkedIn URL during registration and keywords to populate the event app. Companies can filter the candidates, preview the LinkedIn resumes, and get in touch to schedule interviews.

PeerFinder Feature List

Professional Networking

  • Search the attendee list
  • Filter by keywords
  • Take notes on attendees
  • Bookmark or favorite peers

Private Communication

  • Message privately one-on-one
  • Communicate directly with Speakers and Authors
  • Know when new messages are received
  • Block users you do not want to connect with

Configuration Options