Provide Value

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The EventPilot® Meeting Platform Provides Benefits For All Participants

Ensure you have a solution to meet your needs AND provide value to your exhibitors, presenters, speakers and most importantly, your attendees.

comprehensive CMS

“This is the easiest CMS we have used for an event app. It's very user-friendly.”

Vanessa Velasco
WE Local Manager | Marketing and Events
Society of Women Engineers

Provide Benefits to ALL Stakeholders

Create an Amazing Attendee Experience

Search Powerfully

The unique scientific search engine is lightning-fast and makes it easy for attendees to find what they need. It returns up to 44% more successful searches.

Use Offline

The app is available for whatever device an attendee uses (iOS or Android or ?). And once it is downloaded, it is available offline.

Build Personal Schedules

With a desktop itinerary builder embedded into your conference website, attendees can build a personal schedule that seamlessly syncs with the app.

Stay On-Track

Upcoming and ongoing session lists are offered. In addition, related sessions are recommended by finding and linking similar abstracts.

Apply Filters

Easily filter for the content, topics, specialties, days, time, or locations needed. Attendees can apply multiple keywords from multiple filters.

Track CME Credits

Participants can flag any credit-eligible sessions which the meeting organizer then has access to and can then be integrated with third-party vendors.

Take Notes and Bookmark

Attendees can focus on the presenter while taking offline notes on the slide deck, then moving to the next slide when finished with an intuitive swipe.

Receive a Summary Email

A report is emailed to attendees. It includes all notes and all bookmarked items such as sessions, presentation slides, speakers, exhibitors, or new contacts made.

Connect with Poster Presenters

The PosterBridge® Connection feature allows attendees to reach out to poster presenters when the presenter is not near their poster.

Support International Attendees

Create multilingual meeting apps by adding your event program you localized into other languages supported by UTF-8 characters.

Network with Attendees

Provide value with a variety of ways your participants can network and share their opinions. Your social media sites can also be integrated into the app.

Find Your Way Indoors

RouteInside wayfinder offers advanced interactive mapping and guides your attendees from room-to-room, between floors and buildings.


“I really do like this app, it combines a LOT of content really well and simply.”

Danny W.

Make Your Life Easier as a Meeting Planner

Edit 24/7

Last minute changes are added effortlessly via the Content Management System (CMS). And attendees can use the mobile app while data updates download.

Update Easily

The EventPilot conference app offers direct database integration with your vendors and your systems so that real-time data updates only take seconds.

Generate Revenue

A variety of sponsorship options are available from ScanHunt® gamification to location-relevant messages when an attendee is near a sponsor’s booth.

Integrate with Vendors

We have worked with the top vendors for medical and scientific conferences. The EventPilot app can be set-up to integrate with most of your partners.

Sync Across Devices

Data automatically synchronizes personal schedules, notes, and bookmarks across devices and even across different platforms.

Effortlessly Collect Content

Automate content collection with the EventPilot speaker portal. Gather thousands of ePosters, virtual posters, recorded presentations, videos or web links.

Measure Event Success

Learn more about your attendees through detailed reports, identify which exhibitor was most popular, and evaluate what to improve next time for better event ROI.

Automate Data Updates

Data updates can be scheduled to synchronize with your systems via the EventPilot schedule sync API. Third-party data imports are available.

Scan for Attendance

During the meeting, your staff can scan the QR codes printed on attendee badges. Track who went to which session and attended for how long.

Tailor Content to Audience

Use banners and targeted content that only certain groups of attendees can see, such as the speaker ready room or info for exhibitors and staff.

Provide Proximity Alerts

Use GPS alerts to send customized location-relevant details at the right time when your attendee is at the right location.

Add Polls & Surveys

Any poll or survey service can be implemented. In addition, surveys can be tailored to different session types or if there is more than one speaker in a session.

push notifications

“ “I was very impressed with the app!”

Diane P.
AAR & SBL 2019

Offer Exhibitor Solutions to Engage With Attendees

Gather Targeted Leads

The BadgeScan Lead Retrieval app provides a free lead-retrieval solution for exhibitors. Using QR Code technology, exhibitors gather targeted leads from attendees.

Reach Attendees

With an unmatched variety of sponsorship opportunities: from custom splash pages. to interactive banner ads, to push notifications and featured exhibitors

Provide Virtual Expos

Showcase your exhibitors and sponsors through a virtual expo where your exhibitors can market their products and services to your attendees remotely.

Grant White Label Access

Large exhibitors need their own event app to manage staff. Generate revenue & provide value by offering up-to-date program content for their staff.

Drive Booth Traffic

With ScanHunt® gamification, provide a set of activities to drive foot traffic to participating exhibitors, or educate about new initiatives from sponsors.

Enrich Profiles

Your exhibitors upload links to enrich the attendee’s experience with flyers, product fact sheets, company brochures, or links to their website or demo videos.


“Easy to use and full of information.”

Fernando Aranda

Provide Value to Your Presenters and Speakers

Measure Interest

Use your preferred survey service to apply specific surveys to different workshop types or adapt to presentations, including those with more than one speaker.

Design Smart Surveys

Readily build context-aware surveys directly in the EventPilot Content Management System (CMS) for use in your scientific meeting app.

Adapt to Presenters

Because the session surveys are context-aware, your speaker questions adjust to each presenter for a particular session at your medical meeting.

Tailor to Session Type

Paid workshops require a different questionnaire than a poster presentation. Hence, you choose which survey should be applied to which session type.