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Success with Medical Meeting App

World Transplant Congress 2014


7,000 Attendees Present 3,000 Papers

The World Transplant Congress (WTC) is a joint meeting of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS), The Transplantation Society (TTS) and the American Society of Transplantation (AST). At the meeting, 7,000 surgeons and healthcare professionals gather to present over 3,000 research papers with cutting-edge advances in solid organ and tissue transplantation.

In the past, the societies used limited generic event apps, which are not designed to meet the needs of medical meetings and could not successfully import abstract data. These underperforming apps added unexpected costs and caused unsatisfied attendees. A specialized medical meeting app was the solution.

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We saw EventPilot and loved it

Caitlin Dougherty, CMP, Meeting Manager

Goals Achieved with Medical Meeting App

A mobile app that works with our abstract management vendor

An event app vendor that we can rely on with excellent service

A conference app that wows our attendees and regains sponsor trust

Specialized Medical Meeting App Made all the Difference

The EventPilot medical conference app was selected by WTC 2014 not only for its functionality and ease of use, but also for the entire data import procedure that is optimized to work with a variety of abstract and registration vendors. EventPilot is uniquely designed to import, update, and display massive data sets for large medical meetings including thousands of abstracts, papers, posters, and presentations.

Simple data import from abstract management system
High performance for massive data sets over 10,000 sessions
PPT slide viewer, abstracts, posters with bookmarks and notes

Global offline search to simultaneously search sessions, authors, abstracts, expo
Advanced Boolean Search for multiple terms, exact matches, term exclusions
Visual schedule builder with colored time-blocks & concurrent sessions

Curated itineraries and custom filters with keyword multi-select
Member authentication integration with registration vendor
Unmatched customization and revenue generation / sponsor options
Import abstracts into meeting app

When we realized EventPilot works with our abstract and also our registration vendor, it was a no brainer.

Caitlin Dougherty, CMP, Meeting Manager

Easy Implementation for Meeting Planner

A dedicated project manager, weekly meetings, and an easy to use CMS made the implementation a breeze. Before app store submission, WTC could install their meeting app in a special proof version to fully review the final product and approve for store submissions. The large CSV files with over 3,000 of scientific research abstracts were easily imported. No stress, no headaches, no costly manual labor.

From past experience, WTC knew they needed a better solution that meets their requirements:

  2014 EventPilot
Medical Conference App
2013 Generic Meeting App
Customer Service ★★★★★ ★★ ☆☆☆
Easy & accurate data import x
Proof version for native review x
On-time delivery & launch x
Accurate download statistics x
Sponsor analytics x
Unmatched customization options x

ATIV even fixed our errors when we made a mistake

Caitlin Dougherty, CMP, Meeting Manager

Unmatched Attendee Experience

EventPilot is the key access point to all scientific and clinical information presented. As an app specifically developed for medical meetings, EventPilot’s features are designed for healthcare professionals to easily navigate thousands of sessions, build their schedule, take notes, access abstracts, manage their expo experience, track their credits (CME), and find their way with animated maps.

  2014 EventPilot
Medical Conference App
2013 Generic Meeting App
Thousands of scientific abstracts x
Smart background data updates x
High performance x
Attendee messaging ? x
Easy color-coded navigation x
Advanced Boolean search x
Multi-select keyword filters x

We received many compliments from our attendees

Caitlin Dougherty, CMP, Meeting Manager

Quick Stats

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We recommend the EventPilot conference app for any medical meeting

Caitlin Dougherty, CMP, Meeting Manager