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Our Online and Conference App Solutions for Scientific and Medical Meetings

The EventPilot® meeting platform provides both a conference app and a desktop planner to offer a variety of implementation options to fit your unique meeting needs.

mobile conference app

Onsite Conference App

The EventPilot conference app ensures attendees can filter programs to build personal schedules and offers indoor navigation to reach each session.

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hybrid meeting platform

Hybrid Events

Leverage the EventPilot meeting platform to combine live with pre-recorded and deliver cost-effective solutions for this complex event type.

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virtual platform

Virtual Conference Platform

Use the EventPilot meeting platform to easily convert some or all of the presentations for your event into live online sessions for desktop and mobile access.

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“The EventPilot meeting platform is so seamless the attendees don't even realize the complexity behind the scenes.”
Teddy Bhabikhan
American Vacuum Society
Web Content Coordinator

Tailored to Medical & Scientific Event Requirements

Features for Medical Meetings

medical meeting
search engine example

Find Everything Search

Our scientific search engine is truly global across your sessions, speakers, abstracts, exhibitors... Customize the search to your needs to ensure attendees can locate results at your event no matter which term they choose.

“EventPilot technologies make it so much easier than other virtual platforms to navigate a virtual scientific conference.”
Mary Lu Hare
Professional Education Manager, Scientific Sessions
American Heart Association
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Innovative Solutions. Always on the Cutting Edge.

We focus on taking large schedules and complex meetings and making them visually accessible to attendees - even within the confines of a mobile conference app. With an easy to use content management system (CMS) and the ability to integrate with your data providers, our solutions fulfill the needs of meeting organizers as well.

EventPilot conference app

EventPilot® Meeting Platform

Instant access to everything necessary to productively explore a scientific conference or medical meeting. From 200 or 30,000+ attendees, EventPilot delivers.
Simulive Events

EventPilot® Simulive

Create a virtual experience that feels live by blending a real event schedule, recorded video presentation, live chat elements, and live ScanHunt gamification.
ScanHunt conference app

ScanHunt® Gamification

Offer expo passport-style games or scavenger hunts at your events. Drive desired behavior by rewarding your attendees with points for a variety of activities.
BadgeScanner app

BadgeScan Lead Retrieval

Download a free lead-retrieval solution for exhibitors. Using QR Code technology, allow exhibitors to gather targeted leads from interested attendees easily.
online conference planner

Online Itinerary Planner

Add a desktop itinerary builder to your conference website so attendees can easily build a personal schedule that seamlessly syncs with the mobile meeting app.
RouteInside app

RouteInside® Navigation

Guide your attendees step-by-step from room-to-room, between floors, and even buildings. Seamlessly integrate outdoor and indoor navigation.

Provide Desktop & Mobile Conference App Options

The EventPilot meeting platform has solutions for all devices whether your event is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid. Offer your attendees a tool that not only works on a computer, tablet or smartphone, but will seamlessly sync each device so attendees can plan their schedule on a laptop and (if they desire) move to a tablet to attend.

Conference app for smartphones or online planner for laptops
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“#ASBH20 has been amazing so far! The online format has been easy to navigate and great for those with busy schedules!”
Cullen Lilley, MS, MDxT(AAB)
ASBH20 Attendee via Twitter