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Virtual Meetings Keep Your Show Going

Don't let a virus stop the science

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“The EventPilot meeting platform exceeded our expectations for what a virtual meeting could be.”

Allison Jane Shultz
American Ornithological Society
Meeting Coordination Committee Member

Transform your sessions into virtual meetings with a push of a button

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Virtual Sessions

Using the EventPilot® virtual events platform, easily convert some or all of the presentations for your event into live online sessions for desktop and mobile access.

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Simulive Events

Create a virtual experience that feels live by blending a real event schedule, recorded video presentation, live chat elements, and live ScanHunt gamification.

hybrid meeting platform

Hybrid Events

Leverage the EventPilot meeting platform to combine live with pre-recorded and deliver cost-effective solutions for this complex event type.

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“Having EventPilot generate our 903 Zoom sessions and participant links automatically was incredibly valuable. The simplicity of this functionality is an enormously beneficial feature in the EventPilot platform.”

Christopher Hooker
Director of Membership and Programs
Society of Biblical Literature

The ideal content hub for scientific meetings

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“I’m digging the virtual SAGES platform. So many great topics and so easy to navigate!

Sylvia Martinez

Why use the EventPilot virtual solution for your conference

Save Time

The virtual sessions are automatically set up for you, powered by Zoom. Speakers are notified with all the details they need.

Support Large Keynotes

The EventPilot meeting app uses technology proven for large session capacity or integrate with the technology of your choice.

Integrate Seamlessly

Set up your microsite planner in minutes by importing all data directly from your AMS. Control access by connecting with your event registration system.

Keep it Interactive

Use video, slides, polls and Q&A to engage virtual attendees live in the presentation.

Enable Virtual Networking

Offer topic based virtual lounges where attendees can join small group discussions. Schedule them directly in your event program.

Maintain Credit Claiming

Help your participants to meet their continuing medical education (CME) credit requirements. Convert all CME sessions into virtual meetings.

Broaden Knowledge Sharing

Recordings are immediately available after a live session with hosting after your event. Therefore, you maximize knowledge transfer and increase value.

Promote your Exhibitors

Set up an online meeting rooms as a virtual booth where attendees can join during exhibit hours and ask questions live. Learn more about virtual exhibits.

Nurture Discussions

Offer the ability for attendees to make session comments in-context to the actual session where the latest scientific research is presented.

Include On Demand content

Videos or virtual posters may not require a scheduled session in the event program. Instead, display those sessions as On Demand sessions.

Customize Your Event

Instantly turn your event program into a microsite branded to your specific event to act as the hub for all your content.

Pre-record Content

Easily collect handouts and pre-recorded content from your speakers. Limit access only to registered attendees.

All the features your scientists and researchers need

Scientific Meetings

  • Visual Schedule View
  • Presentation Level Sessions
  • Research Abstracts & Papers
  • Filter Keywords & Tags
  • Large Datasets (30,000+ abstracts)
  • Desktop & Mobile

Configuration Options


  • Setup Assistance
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Tutorials
  • Content Hosting
  • 24/7 Data Updates
  • Integration Services
  • Access Customization

Trusted by large scientific associations

“ATIV Software designed a solution that not only worked, it exceeded all expectations.”

Suzy Brown, CMP
Senior Director of Conferences
Genetics Society of America

With research submitted and ready to print, the event planners at the Genetics Society of America (GSA) leveraged the EventPilot® meeting platform to painlessly convert their existing program into a virtual event.

Read the conference success story

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