EventPilot Technologies for Hybrid Events

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Hybrid Events Made Easy

Combine excitement of live events with the ease of pre-recorded presentations

Hybrid conference onsite speaker

Turn your onsite event into a hybrid meeting with the push of a button

Merge your onsite live conference with virtual technologies using the EventPilot Hybrid platform. Moreover, save on A/V cost since you don't need live streaming in each presentation room. Instead, speakers upload a pre-recorded presentation of their session. The videos then play back to remote attendees. At the same time, the speaker is presenting live onsite.

Increase remote attendance without increasing Audio / Visual costs

Maximize remote registrations and provide a simulated live experience with EventPilot Simulive technologies. Pre-recorded presentations automatically play at the time the onsite speaker is presenting live at the conference center. Therefore, you cut the cost of live streaming from each presentation room. Most importantly, you still provide attendees the scheduled live event timeline.

Hybrid events attendee watching remotely

Hybrid Events in 3 Simple Steps

Hybrid event program

1. Add your Event Data

Manually enter or import your meeting agenda from your abstract management system or as a CSV file. You have 24/7 access to a user friendly CMS.
Collect pre-recorded videos

2. Collect Simulive Videos

The CMS sends invitations to speakers to add a video. Speakers upload their pre-recorded presentation in advance of your live event.

Simulive Session at hybrid events

3. Run Your Hybrid Event

Onsite attendees watch presenters live. However, remote attendees watch the pre-recordings at the specified time in your schedule.

Include Presenter Audience Interaction

Synchronous Q&A Chat

Designate a moderator who reads questions submitted by the remote audience to the speaker onsite. Then, the moderator transcribes the answers into the chat during the live session.

Asynchronous Discussion

During the live presentation, onsite audience questions are answered live. On the other hand, for questions submitted by remote attendees, the speaker posts answers into the discussion chat later.

Direct Speaker Email

Both onsite and remote attendees can submit questions to the speakers privately. Presenters reply directly via email. This is available in addition to the discussion chat.

Hybrid Events Increase Revenue

Expanded Audience beyond Onsite

Hybrid events eliminate the typical reasons that prohibit attendees to register. For instance, travel cost, multi-day time commitments, visa or health restrictions, family obligations, etc. Expand your total attendance and improve the bottom line.

Low Cost Technology with Automation

Using EventPilot Hybrid technologies, you don't need expensive A/V in each room for live streaming. Remote attendees watch pre-recorded sessions that are synced with your session times. Consequently, you can minimize A/V costs just for high profile presentations.

Instant Content Library

Your hybrid event platform transforms into an instant content library. Therefore, you can continue selling remote registrations after your event for on demand access. The asynchronous discussion chat continues to connect attendees and presenters.

Boost Sponsorship Revenue

With higher overall attendance plus a continued content library post-event, viewership increases. This results in an even more valuable targeted platform to promote sponsor messages. Above all, boost advertisement revenue.

Why pre-recorded simulive versus live streaming each session?

Streaming Live

Hybrid events with cameraman filming

EventPilot Simulive

hybrid events with simulive pre-recording

Audio and video capture

Staff and equipment is required in each room for each session

Speakers record their presentation and upload the video in advance

Technology Cost

High capacity video conferencing or streaming technology

Unlimited capacity with instant on demand access after session ends

Setup Time

Requires additional A/V staffing, setup, and planning

Completely automated process

Session Time Management

Speakers going over time

Videos are timed to the max allotted time per speakers

EventPilot Hybrid Events - What’s included?

Scientific Meetings

  • Visual Schedule View
  • Presentation Level Sessions
  • Research Abstracts & Papers
  • Filter Keywords & Tags
  • Desktop & Mobile

Configuration Options


  • Setup Assistance
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Tutorials
  • 30 Days Content Hosting
  • 24/7 Data Updates
  • Integration Services

EventPilot is used by leading medical associations

“EventPilot technologies make it so much easier than other virtual platforms to navigate a virtual scientific conference.”

Mary Lu Hare
Professional Education Manager, Scientific Sessions
American Heart Association

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