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“The folks at ATIV really understand the needs of scientific meetings like ours.”
Suzy Brown, CMP
Senior Director of Conferences
Genetics Society of America

Endless Configurations and Possibilities

The EventPilot® conference app offers you unmatched functionality and is developed to maximize performance and offline usage at events of all sizes. The advanced app is built for massive datasets while its interface is designed to empower non-technical users to easily consume thousands of sessions.

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Deliver Rich Content

The conference app is only as good as the information it contains. In addition to basic session information, include your speaker photos and bios, exhibitor contact info, media links, organizer alerts, web links to videos, polls, and more.

Offer Attendees an Intuitive Design

Attendees navigate with ease through thousands of sessions and filter by session tracks, days, keywords, and subsessions. An intuitive interface ensures maximum usability and effective navigation.

Execute Impactful Branding

With unmatched branding options, you customize the conference app to your unique requirements. With no HTML coding required, you can dynamically display banner messages, use a dashboard approach, or show sponsor ads during premium time slots.

Work Offline*

The core functionality, including note-taking, schedule building, program search, and more, works without WiFi.* Therefore, your attendees can access your interactive program at any time offline - during the flight to your event or at the conference where WiFi may be limited, over-burdened, or unavailable.

* WiFi is required for real-time updates used for some virtual and hybrid features.

“Easy to navigate and use.”
Machelle Meade
Conference Attendee

Innovative Technology. Conference App Features Always on the Cutting Edge.

Example of Session Discussion

Session Discussions

Offer attendees the ability to chat in-context to the actual session where the latest scientific research is presented.

conference app mobile calendar

Visual Schedule

Allow attendees to build their personal schedule visually in a calendar view. Fast and easy to use with smart columns.

Conference app program with timetable

Automatic Timetable

Automatically integrate a visual timetable so attendees can maximize their time at your meeting and fill any schedule gaps.

smart event calendar builder blocks

Smart Timeblocks

Users can schedule hundreds of sessions and still keep track of everything in one calendar view.

iBeacon location notifications

Location Notifications

Send only relevant alert messages based on indoor location using iBeacon or outdoor using GPS.

Google Plus and LinkedIn Authentication

Security and OAuth

Allow attendees to login with their existing username and password with your organization or via LinkedIn or Google.

research and medical abstract app

Offline Abstracts

Search and browse thousands of research abstracts and scientific eposters offline conveniently within the conference app.

PowerPoint slide viewer with note taking

Slides with Notes

Increase retention by giving offline access to PowerPoint slides with slide-based note taking while protecting speaker's IP.

CME and credit tracking in conference app

CME & Credits

Help attendees stay organized with built-in credit tracking that even works offline. API available for credit vendor integration.

Meeting itinerary planner

Itinerary Planner

Integrate a full screen online planner into your existing conference website. Includes export to PDF and calendar applications.

Event app game for engagement

ScanHunt Gamification

Increase engagement and drive expo traffic with a customized QR-code based game or scavenger hunt.

Messaging and networking in event app

PeerFinder Networking

Connect with professionals based on expertise or location. Network using private in-app messaging.

Choose Your EventPilot Conference App

The EventPilot meeting platform offers a variety of conference app implementation options to fit your unique meeting needs.

Go virtual or hybrid with EventPilot Express.
Native event app uniquely for annual conferences and large meetings.
Multiple events in one native meeting app branded to your organization.
Attendees select from available translations within one event app.
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“Consistent feedback we received was,
Jason Levine
VP, Information Technology
BSC Management Inc.

A Powerful CMS Makes Your Life Easier as a Meeting Planner

Accomplish more in less time. The EventPilot meeting platform renders an easy publishing process ensuring you can always make last minute changes all while giving your sponsors new and attractive marketing opportunities.

Customize Your App

Ensure your meeting app is as unique as your event when you use your designs to create beautiful home pages as well as customize essentially everything.

Go Paperless

Provide an alternative more accurate and reliable than paper. Integrate all your collateral into the app to deliver a central repository for all your attendee needs.

Provide Value

Offer your presenters, speakers, and exhibitors value while making your life easier. All while providing the conference app features your attendees’ desire.

Generate Revenue

Exceed your sponsorship revenue goals using the unmatched variety of sponsorship opportunities and ad placements available within the conference app.

Communicate & Network

Communicate with your attendees and allow participants to offer feedback and engage with each other through multiple app features.

Integrate Data

The EventPilot content management system (CMS) allows for the importation of a variety of data sources and can be merged on the fly into a single database.

How Would Your Meeting Attendee Use Your Scientific Conference App Features?

“I told my friend it was the best app I've ever seen. Which is honestly how I feel.”
Danny W

EventPilot Conference App Features

Impress Attendees

Native iOS and Android
Desktop online planner
Scientific Search Engine
RouteInside Indoor Wayfinding*
Native offline access
Web-version for all devices
Cross-device and OS schedule sync
Unmatched high performance
Media-rich experience
Intuitive graphical interface
Localized UI EN/DE/FR/SP/PT*
Virtual & Hybrid Meetings*

Include All Content

Tracks, sessions, subsessions
Workshops, social events
Access by day, type, time block
General event info offline
Speakers with detail & photo
Session & Exhibitor meta tags
Offline animated venue maps
Full-text abstracts & disclosures
Attendee list
Local information links
On-demand Content Library*
Pre-recorded presentations*

Go Green

Easy content updates
Offline scientific abstracts
PowerPoint slide viewer*
Integrated online itinerary planner
Session handouts
Abstract PDF generation*
Poll & survey integration
Context-aware session surveys
Native QR reader
Include exhibitor media links
Digital business cards

Provide Value

Targeted content
Related sessions
Personal itinerary recommendations
Personal schedule builder
Schedule event reminder
Upcoming and ongoing event list
Filters based on event metatags
Sessions near the current display
Bookmarking & note-taking
Slide-based note-taking & stars
Automated summary report email
BadgeScanner lead retrieval

Generate Revenue

ScanHunt® gamification
Ads on Home screen
Targeted ads*
Sponsor notifications
Rotating ads in session view
Links for exhibitors
Featured exhibitor listing
Sponsor included in the imagery
24/7 ad editing
Virtual expos
Exhibitor white-labeled apps*
Content licensing*

Manage Data Quickly

Multi-source data imports
Freeman Fuzion Partner*
Import from other vendors*
24/7 Admin access
Scheduled data imports
Data integrity reporting
Autonomous data updates
Smart update downloads
Registration schedule sync*
CME flagging and tracking with API*
Mandatory schedule download*
Analytics and Reporting


Session Discussions
Community Chats
Location-based Notification Alerts*
Targeted Notification Alerts
PeerFinder Networking
Alert messages on Home screen
Twitter display with moderation
Contact sharing via QR codes
Speaker & Exhibitor email
PosterBridge® Connection
Moderated Q&A

Customize Your App

Branded imagery
Dynamic Home screen
Session Status*
Tab order and naming
Custom tabs to additional info
Event color
Colored session types
Prefiltered lists
Internal platform links
Custom labels
Additional content pages
Multilingual Conference App*
* These conference app features are available as add-on modules.

Features may vary between mobile devices and desktop versions.

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