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RouteInside Wayfinder indoor navigation

RouteInside wayfinder so your visitors find their way

On iOS / Android or integrated directly into your website or mobile app

Offline Indoor Navigation

Do your visitors wish they had interactive indoor maps to help them find their way around? Meet RouteInside wayfinder, the technology that guides your visitors step-by-step from room-to-room, between floors, and even buildings. RouteInside wayfinder is designed to work with Google Maps and Apple Maps to seamlessly integrate outdoor and indoor navigation. Give visitors the confidence to quickly find their destination with the RouteInside wayfinder. Available on everything (iOS, Android, web).

RouteInside wayfinder is fully integrated into the advanced EventPilot® conference app.

Route indoor navigation

RouteInside Wayfinder for Various Industries

Indoor Way Finding Convention Center

Convention Centers

Enable your visitors to quickly find any session rooms, food stations, or expo halls. Use as a sales tool to impress meeting planners.
Inside Maps expo and fairs

Trade Shows & Fairs

Help attendees to find products and services at expos. Include a list of all exhibitors with advanced search and filter capabilities.
Route at conference

Events & Conferences

Guide attendees via inside maps from presentations to scientific posters or exhibitors. Include indoor wayfinding for your convention center or any hotels.
indoor navigation at airports


Give travelers the information they need to find their next airport gate, train platform, or baggage claim inside your premises.
Route inside malls


Maximize shopper time by finding the shortest routes to the stores on your indoor map. Display ads or notifications about your shopping center.
Find way in hospital


Help anxious patients find their way from a doctor’s office through your facilities to the right lab. Route your visitors to meet their loved ones.
Route inside offices


Make it easy for employees and visitors to navigate your facilities indoors with thousands of offices and hundreds of meeting rooms.
Navigate university campus


Assist overwhelmed students to go to the right classroom or find the right faculty office and confidently navigate your entire campus.

Make Indoor Navigation Easy

With Intuitive Wayfinding on Indoor Maps

Indoor Navigation Offline

Use Offline

When used on iOS and Android, all inside map images and navigation directions are saved on the device so visitors can find their destination within your building without internet access or cell reception.
Search location for indoor routing

Search Locations

Your visitors do not need to know exactly how to spell your location names. The search provides auto-suggestions after typing just a few letters.
Browse Indoor Maps

Browse Indoor Maps

Visitors can browse your interactive floor plans and visually tap on a location to route to it. All maps can be reversed mapped so users can find more information directly from the map.

Build Your Own RouteInside Wayfinder App to Navigate Your Indoor Maps

Native App, Web Site, Kiosk Display

Apply Your Branding

Extend your brand identity and use your own graphics. The app is custom built for you with your existing branding.

Reuse Floor Plans

Start with your existing floor plans that already match your displays in your buildings or in your print materials.

Present Information

Enhance your app with details about each room. Great for meeting rooms to promote capacity or room size.

Generate Revenue

Promote local businesses, nearby restaurants, cafes, or co-working spaces with banner ads on the home screen.

Expand Functionality

Improve your visitor’s experience and link to helpful web pages like social media, the local weather, or sights.

Show Emergency Info

Add emergency contacts and evacuation procedures. Critical content is stored on the device and available offline.

Collect Feedback

Improve maintenance management and unveil issues by collecting visitor feedback via the app.

Publish a Directory

Connect locations to people or businesses. Publish a searchable staff, organization, or exhibitor directory.

Support Multi-Venues

Set up different venues with their own unique addresses to navigate from building to building.

Integrate with Web

Show your RouteInside wayfinder web version on your own website to instantly provide interactive mapping and routing.

Add Positioning

Install iBeacons so your attendees can see their own position as a blue dot on the floor plan and automatically route.

Secure with Login

Control full or partial access to specific features by requiring a user login and display info for specific user groups.

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