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The EventPilot® scientific search engine is the most comprehensive

The EventPilot meeting platform is designed with complex programs in mind. It has managed events with over 30,000 sessions and presentations, over 50,000 authors, and thousands of exhibitors.

Receiving relevant search results quickly from these massive data sets is critical for a successful attendee experience. Easy access to the latest scientific research could be the key to the next discovery of the century.

Scientific Search Engine for Medical Meetings

“Just try searching for cholangiopancreatography on a mobile device! It's effortless in EventPilot conference apps. The search engine is fantastic.”

Jason Levine
Vice President
BSC Management

The smartest program search in the industry can even learn your jargon

Train the search engine so that search terms with the same meaning generate the same results. Provide the search terms used in your industry or specialty so that your attendees can find what they need no matter what term they use. The search works in both the EventPilot online planner and the EventPilot mobile conference app.

Medical Procedures

whipple = Pancreaticoduodenectomy

Chemical Names

H2O = Water

Drugs and Brands

Motrin = Ibuprofen

Regional Variations

Coeliac = Celiac

Trained scientific search engine with results
Scientific Search Engine for Medical Meetings

“For our medical meeting, the best functionality is the scientific search in EventPilot. People can easily find what they need out of over 1,500 presentations. And we can save money by including all abstracts digitally.”

Dana Edwards
Manager, Information Technology
American Academy of Optometry (AAO)

Why do you need a scientific search engine?

Enable Scientific Discovery

Discoveries happen when researchers find one piece of breakthrough information. Help attendees find that missing piece in a massive meeting program.

Improve Attendee Experience

Provide your attendees with the tools to locate what they seek at your event, even if they are not sure how to spell it correctly.

Secure Sponsors

A well-designed event app can generate hundreds of thousands of impressions. And targeted impressions are attractive to sponsors.

What makes the EventPilot scientific search engine unique?

The EventPilot scientific search engine helps meeting planners improve access to the event content. It increases the success rate of finding relevant results up to 44% which in turn provides a better attendee experience.

  • High-speed offline performance
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Diacritic search
  • Associative search
  • Synonym Search
  • Analogue Search
  • Boolean exclusion
  • Spell Correction & Variations
  • Global & content specific
  • Smart filter integration
  • Prioritized results
  • Indoor expo map search
Scientific Search Engine for Medical Meetings

“The app is amazing and the search function is super smart and powerful!!”

Sanam Loghavi, MD
American Society of Hematology (ASH)
Attendee via Twitter

Find out how a true scientific search engine makes a difference to finding content in your event program

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